The platform used for publishing data in the Apps for Warsaw competition was designed and built by Orange Labs (Orange Polska S.A.) and then installed on the Warsaw City Council servers. The platform consists of two elements: Data Server responsible for the exposition of static data sets and function server middleware dedicated for the exposition of data from the city of Warsaw web services and databases.

The platform is fully scalable as all the used components can function within clusters. It is the first open-source platform based on real-time open data which allows so many data sets of different types to be available at once including the on-line data e.g. from public transport exposed in open and easy to use format.

Data Server
The data server is based on CKAN which is also used as a data catalogue, and data management system. It makes data accessible by providing tools to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and using data. CKAN stores static data as well as pushes it through the database. The data server is being synchronically coupled with city data coming from different sources, in different formats and at different times.

The Function Server


Is based on Java programming language and serves as middleware EG real-time data API. The function server coordinates API calls and responses control the traffic on the site as well as data sources which in many cases are located on the City of Warsaw (CoW) website. It allows users to use open API for data available through the site as well as to simply download other data sets.


n order to facilitate the process of opening City of Warsaw data we worked hard in a wide partnership of non-governmental organizations as well as corporate and public institutions.
In partnership with
The Unit for Social Innovation and Research Shipyard *
Digital Center: Project Poland * Warsaw University of Technology * Orange Labs (Orange Polska S.A.) under the honorary patronage of Warsaw’s President. The project is co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development within the framework of Social Innovations Program.