How Much Money I Make With Mobile Apps (Updated)


What then? Action from Adobe, iTunes Connect, Google Play, and Apple Facebook, Odense Network. It changes from time to time, but those are the ones I – I’ve been with for a very long time now. And I do this for a few reasons. I did this for a few reasons first and foremost, you guys say these kind Things to me in the comments. Sometimes I think I don’t want you guys I think I’m more successful than someone I asked, that’s a family A member, like a daughter I don’t see often, and asked if you’re a billionaire! (Laughs) Yes, I get it. I got a laugh from this. I’m not Billionaire. I’m not even – I’m not a millionaire. I hardly 100,000 yr, whatever. Therefore, it is still a work in progress.

But you know, when I get to Along with other application developers, one of the things we always think about About, so I wonder how much they make of their own app? How much they do Who is this app? I was in a group of – I have once masterminded it And someone just finally said, \ “Look, I’m gonna ask everyone the question Thinking, how much money are you, guys, made from these apps? \ “And we Just went around and just talked about and in a closed group. It was just – It was a bit of editing because we knew things. So, I want to show you, guys, an Updated spreadsheet, so this – the last one I did again in August of 2017. This is six months ago, more than six months ago. It went a little bit until I wanted to give you an update where everything is now. Basically not to show off due For some of you guys, you may be making less than I do.

Some of you, Guys, make more than I am making but I wanted it to be completely transparent About that. If yes, for those of you who do not watch the video every day, you know Where I’m coming from and just be completely transparent. May even Advise me sometimes. I mean, many of you, guys, are from They do really well. Time to time you really give advice It works out and I really appreciate it .So, look at the screen here and me For the updated daily earnings report. So, when I show you the last one August was not as bad as this month. Daily-earnings report is Something every morning one of my team members, Rowena, will go to everyone Various sources and put everything in a spreadsheet so that I can see in A glimpse of how much we are doing.

I mean, I’m checking Adobe – to be honest with you, I Check for adobe like three or four times a day. I can’t do anything about But, it’s just kind of, you know, I don’t check it out, like checking email. And therefore, Because I do. Well, but you look here, this is the mother – this is it Where we are now. Take a look at this column here on the left. We have more Here, we have history, we have a total in GBP in Britpsonds and for Those of you who do not use the British Pound, have an exchange right here at the top, which Is 82 P it is one dollar, that’s right.


Yes, I always get – I always get confused Although I almost lived here Transfers because every time I talk to family members I will mention Something, they will say how much is this in real money. So anyway, this is because Give you an idea of ​​that. If you look at this column here on the left it is It is the sum then we broke up to Adobe, Google Wallet minus 30% that They take it out, iTunes and the US dollar but then we have converted it to pounds.

Then we have Apple and Applofen GBB then Facebook Public Network This is in US dollars. But we kind of – I have kind of abandoned it on Facebook Public network only because it did not deliver well to me. And now, I am Talk to other people who make so much Facebook audience network all Oftentimes, I’ll come back and transform those again just to see what that looks like, however, Yes, the reason I’m turning off was that it’s – for some lower-level Android Phones, and I’m talking like 2.3, minting to the Facebook public network was not Action.

So, I have two versions of the app, one for a lower one Android devices, one for higher version Android devices. Hardly though Anyone who goes to those versions less any more. But all the time, I will remove Facebook on its network I think he asked for additional permission to do so I did not like to use. So anyway, so that’s it – so this month and this It is – months are not over.

I mean, this is a few days since it was updated. Well, now, if you go – let’s go through the look in January until we get an idea of the whole month. Here you see in January, Adobe has been very low. For the longest time, For almost two years, he was at 120 pounds every day and the thing is Impressions are still consistent. We saw the same level of downloads, we saw Same impressions, but we have cut codes. I will go in a few minutes, I will show you why this is it. Why do I think it is so we are going here – we got to adobe, we got Google Wallet, it’s still the neck and buried, you know, even and Down, but usually it’s very consistent and then we have iTunes connect to it In-app purchases and purchases.

And then we have that, yes, in US dollars Then we got Applofen again. AppLovin is one that I just – all that often I am Turn it off. I mean, it was really good to succeed with Applofen perfectly While like 10 or 20, oh it’s like 10 or Kind of dried up and I don’t know, maybe I need to update the SDK or Something like this. One of these days will get you around to do that however It’s what it is.

Assess Resources And Look For Allies


 You’ll most probably need all hands on deck! But whose? First think, who is indispensable in your team (for many different reasons) and establish contact with them; individuals as well as institutions. Besides formal/working partners, think about strategic allies; important players in open data or policy-making fields, that may help you with passing through new policies, promoting new tools and other issues.




Apps4Warsaw competition came to an end on June 26th. The first 3 places on received a 5000 USD award and a chance to participate in a 3 months incubation process. Additionally, the Public Choice Award amounted to 4000 PLN. The apps were incubated during a carefully crafted 3 months process. The awards for the teams were generously funded by TechSoup Global and Microsoft Europe.


Divide and Assign


Once you’ve got partners and funding (the latter may take a while), revise your work plan thoroughly with the partners and assign responsibilities and specific tasks to partners, providing them with a set of internal procedures. Make the decision-making process within the partnership as open as possible; make sure every partner feels ownership of taken decisions and the whole process.


Communicate and Be Flexible


Communication is the key to successful cooperation with the partners. Think about useful procedures and tools for communicating all project-related issues and stick to them. In Apps4Warsaw we implemented easy solutions like group emails, monthly consortium meetings and quarterly financial reports. Also, a coordinator on side of each partner is essential, with a clear leadership of one of them. Try to provide an ongoing evaluation on all project stages. It may be hard at times, but will also make your cooperation with the partners more mature and successful. Mind that the management of a complex body is a complex task and requires a lot of flexibility in order to achieve your goals!



Apps4Warsaw (in PL: “Dane po warszawsku”) is more than a competition for the best city apps built upon City of Warsaw publically available open data. We want to promote open data and engage people in creating civic technology tools for their city. We aim to set paths for City of Warsaw opening up its data sets and becoming an open and innovative city.


To do so we have:


Selected the data sets to be open (download and look through over 50 selected data sets); Designed and built a unique technical environment where data is stored and published (read more about the ways in which we made data accessible below); Planned the open data contest (read more about the idea and the way we run the contest below);


Developed all the necessary procedures within the City for the opening process to be continued (discover our tips for how to work with your city below). From public art guides to bus schedules, bike paths and budget information, these apps can make cities safer, government more transparent, business ideas more effective and urban denizens more informed.




The platform used for publishing data in the Apps for Warsaw competition was designed and built by Orange Labs (Orange Polska S.A.) and then installed on the Warsaw City Council servers. You can find the code and the documentation on it on GitHub. The platform consists of two elements: Data Server responsible for the exposition of static data sets and function server middleware dedicated for an exposition of data from the city of Warsaw web services and databases. The platform is fully scalable as all the used components can function within clusters. It is the first open-source platform based on real-time open data which allows so many data sets of different types to be available at once including the on-line data e.g. from public transport exposed in open and easy to use format.



Apps4Warsaw competition came to an end on June 26th. The first 3 places on received a 5000 USD award and a chance to participate in a 3 months incubation process. Additionally, the Public Choice Award amounted to 4000 PLN. The apps were incubated during a carefully crafted 3 months process. The awards for the teams were generously funded by TechSoup Global and Microsoft Europe.


1st Place – Warsaw Ninja


Warsaw Ninja is an app for public transport users to share information about problems and delays en route. In every big city with a complicated public transport grid citizens experience problems when trains or trams get stuck on the way or if construction works cause delays. Warsaw Ninja allows users to share all transport-related problems in real time allowing them to make informed commute decisions.


Link to the project site (in PL)


During the next 3 months of incubation, WarsawNinja will work on the social aspect of the application: defining and building the community of users and partnerships with local administration. The code behind WarsawNinja is similar to the one of its forerunner in Boston and is open source.


2nd Place – Curtain up!


Curtain up! is an app for aggregating and filtering Warsaw cultural events. The ambition of the team is to create a democratic platform were both mainstream and alternative events could be added and easily searched through by users.


Link to the project site (in PL)


App creators will now work on scraping data they didn’t manage to find on the city of Warsaw open data platform. They will make the app more user-friendly and work on the design. The next things coming are partnerships with cultural institutions, and a carefully crafted promotion plan.


3rd Place – Safe Warsaw


Safe Warsaw is an app for alerting your friends, family and those around you when you are in danger. The app sends your location to the ones you put on a special list informing them that you need help after you press a special button on your phone.


Link to the project site (in PL)


The incubation of Safe Warsaw will start with helping the team define what the app is exactly and whose needs it responds to. We need to think of how to build the Safe Warsaw brand so that people trust it – it is a powerful tool, but due to the data sensitivity issues, it can be dangerous if it isn’t well monitored.


Public Choice Award – the Rollerblading map of Warsaw


Rollerblading map of Warsaw is an app for rollerbladers with routes and opinions. The creators claim there is no easy way to map and share recreational routes among the rollerbladers. The routes featured in the app are filtered by several categories, including safety.


Link to the project site (in PL)


During the next few months, Rollerbladers will focus on defining different layers of their product and plan to build them: bit by bit. They need to hurry and implement it before the end of the season in order to be able to really test it.